Eine Boho-Hochzeit in der Toskana von Alessandra & Diego

Alessandra and Diego planned their wedding day in Tuscany up to the littlest details. The venue, the dress, the flowers and even the food trucks were just spot on. Tuscany is an amazing place to get married, but Borghetto Pogio Bianco is a venue on its own. With a swimming pool and a beautiful view over the hills and fields it was just the perfect moment when the sun came down and the couple came out with a pair of smoke bombs.

Absolutely stunning, I just could not help myself to film it and use it in the opening scene of that film. Tuscany I truly love you.
The light there, the people, the atmosphere and wine just makes me want to come back anytime.

It such a place a wedding film becomes instantly something more, it becomes a unique and beautiful story inspired by the people met and the love shared.